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Wildlands Adventure Zoo


Decide for yourself how you will discover this mysterious, green world full of beautiful animals and exciting adventures. High in the sky, by towers, rope bridges and (who knows!) An unexpected encounter with a gibbon. Board the Rimbula River and get very close to acrobatic spider monkeys and impressive elephants. Or just walk on the path through the jungle. Your tour takes you through the Elephant Valley to the Butterfly Temple on the outskirts of Jungola. Be careful not to get lost in the Bamboedoolhof and keep your head cool on the Koppensnellerspad.

Jungola: an expedition full of surprises!


Adventure, nature and culture, in Serenga you will find it all. Go on safari and explore the vast savannah with giraffes, rhinos and other animals. High on the Leeuwenberg, the king of animals is watching you. In the distance, the deserted Arena, once built by human hands, is now the domain of the baboons. In this world you really get very close to the animals. Look deep into the eyes of a five meter long giraffe or a 50 cm large meerkat. Your journey will take you past hippos and prairie dogs.

Serenga: an unforgettable experience!


With this expedition you dive into a cold world. Meet animals that have adapted perfectly to life above and below water. Nature is in control here. Your journey begins in the harbor, with fur seals and sea lions. The route leads you through the habitat of the penguins. Be careful: the animals have priority! In the Polar Station you can see the impressive polar bears above and below water.

Nortica: a world to discover!

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