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New the Waterlodge!

The Waterlodge is in a unique location, with a view over a large pond, you can enjoy your holiday in peace and space on the covered terrace.

The spacious living room is equipped with a flat screen TV, dining table and sofa. The living room is a wonderful place to watch your favorite TV programs. Is the weather bad during your vacation at our park? Even on colder days it is great to stay in the heated waterlodges. The Waterlodge has a fully equipped kitchen with a combi oven and dishwasher.

The modern bathroom is fully tiled and equipped with a shower and sink.

The Waterlodge has 3 bedrooms. Bedroom 1 has a double bed. These are box spring beds. Here is also a wardrobe for storing clothes. The 2nd bedroom has 2 single beds. Here too there is a wardrobe for storing things. Bedroom 3 is a very nice one. This is a real box bed with room for 2 people. The box bed can be closed with doors.

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6x Limonadeglas 20cl
6x Limonadeglas 28cl
6x Bierglas
6x Wijnglas
6x Borrelglas
6x Koffiemok
6x Beker
6x Theeglas
1x Theepot

6x Bord plat klein
6x Bord plat groot
6x Soepkom
6x Eierdopje

6x Tafellepel
6x Tafelvork
6x Tafelmes
6x Gebakvorkje
6x Theelepeltje
1x Groentelepel
1x Aardappellepel
1x Sauslepel
1x Soeplepel
1x Slabestek
2x Aardappelschilmes

1x Vleesmes
1x Broodmes
1x Kaasschaaf
2x Pollepel
1x Bakspaan
1x Schuimspaan
1x Garde
1x Aardappelstamper
1x Serveertang
1x Blikopener
1x Flesopener
1x Kurkentrekker
1x Schaar

6x Schaaltje 12 cm
1x Schaal 17cm
1x Schaal 20cm
1x Schaal 23cm
1x Kunststof schaal

1x Pannenset
1x Soeppan
1x Koekenpan groot
1x Koekenpan klein
1x wokpan

Keuken overig
1x Citruspers
1x Vergiet
1x Broodmandje
1x Maatbeker
2x Snijplank
1x Dienblad
1x Voorraadbus klein
1x voorraadbus middel
1x Voorraadbus groot
1x Vleeswarendoos 3dlg
1x Koektrommel
1x Afwasbak
1x Afdruiprek
1x Asbak
4x Panonderzetter
6x Placemat

1x Kamerbezem
1x Stoffer en blik
1x Raamtrekker douche
1x Vloertrekker
1x Droogrek
1x Mandje met wasknijpers hout
1x Emmer 12ltr zwart

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