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New the Waterlodge!

The Waterlodge is in a unique location, with a view over a large pond, you can enjoy your holiday in peace and space on the covered terrace.

The spacious living room is equipped with a flat screen TV, dining table and sofa. The living room is a wonderful place to watch your favorite TV programs. Is the weather bad during your vacation at our park? Even on colder days it is great to stay in the heated waterlodges. The Waterlodge has a fully equipped kitchen with a combi oven and dishwasher.

The modern bathroom is fully tiled and equipped with a shower and sink.

The Waterlodge has 3 bedrooms. Bedroom 1 has a double bed. These are box spring beds. Here is also a wardrobe for storing clothes. The 2nd bedroom has 2 single beds. Here too there is a wardrobe for storing things. Bedroom 3 is a very nice one. This is a real box bed with room for 2 people. The box bed can be closed with doors.

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Inventarislijst Waterlodge

1 Afdruiprek
1 Afwasbak
1 Brood/fruit mand
1 Citruspers
1 Dienblad
1 Dolce gusto
1 Koektrommel
1 Maatkan
1 Magnetron
6 Onderzetters
6 Placemats
2 Snijplank
1 Theepot
1 Vergiet
1 Vleeswarendoos 3 dlg.
3 Voorraadbussen
1 Waterkoker

6 Bord ontbijt/dessert
6 Bord plat
6 Eierdop
2 Kinderbord diep
2 Kinderbord plat
2 Kinder soepkom
6 Soepkom

1 Braadpan
1 Koekepan 24cm
1 Koekepan 28 cm
4 Pannenonderzetters
1 Pannenset 4 dlg.
1 Soeppan
1 Wokpan

1 Blusdeken
1 Brandblusser
6 Eénpersoons dekbedden
1 Droogrek
1 Kamerbezem
1 Stoffer en blik

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