Krieghuusbelten is located in the centre of Salland

This area is known as a wooded, lovely area with a lot of  small villages. In the east this area borders on the Sallandse Heuvelrug, a large nature reserve with a lot of forest and heathland, estates and castles. The entire area is beautiful for bike rides and walks. Cycling routes and maps are available at the reception.


The village of Raalte (35,000 inhabitants) is known as a lovely village with a beautiful center. Every Wednesday morning there is a market full of local and less local goods. In the months of July and August the market was supplemented with the Sallandse Bottermarkt. This is a folkloric market with old farmer crafts in authentic traditional costumes.

Sallandse Summer parties

In the summer  Salland is all about the summer parties. From the end of June to September, local small summer festivals can be found in many small villages, which guarantees days of entertainment, folklore, parties, funfairs and all kinds of activities.

Our suggestions

Theme park Slagharen

logo Slagharen

Discover the Wild West of the Netherlands at Themepark & Resort Slagharen. Experience as a cowboy or Indian a great adventure by trying over more than thirty exciting attractions and amazing shows!

Try the spectacular Gold Rush, the first roller coaster in the Netherlands that lets you fly from 0 to 95 km per hour in three launches! Do you prefer something calmer? Then explore the historic Chuck Wagon or step into the boat in the Wild West Adventure. And don’t forget to beware of waterfalls and bears.

Do you want to take action yourself? Splash each other as much as you can in Expedition Nautilus. Or ride the waters as a real adventurer in a tree over the Ripsaw Falls whitewater. Hold on tight and watch out for those rapids!

Do you want to relax after all your adventures in the rides? Then stop by the American Circus Show with spectacular stunts by Alex the Firefighter, acrobat Devid Robert and magician Justin Ronday. You won’t believe it! Come and experience this breathtaking show for young and old. Are you a fan of Randy & Rosie? Then come to their own exciting show in which both raccoons play the main role and experience exciting adventures. The little ones walk away with Randy & Rosie, our singing and dancing raccoons, who gladly hand out a generous bear cuddle. The real film lovers can enjoy our new 4D movie "Yogi Bear 4D" ​​in El Teatro. Let the party continue in our Italian restaurant Randy's Pizza & Pasta or at one of our other restaurants.

Wildlands Zoo Emmen


World trip in one day

Meet the elephant family and climb via rope bridges high through the jungle between the monkeys. Take a spectacular ride in the Twobattle roller coaster and meet the two lion cubs. Admire the playful antics of the sea lions and polar bears. Come to WILDLANDS and make a world trip in one day.



The nature museum on the Sallandse Heuvelrug has one of the largest collections of European animal species and shows more than 1000 animals. Varying from the largest songbird in the Netherlands, to the only monkey that occurs in Europe. There are 11 beautiful life-sized dioramas where animals are in their natural attitude and environment, you experience nature up close!

Walibi Holland


The rollercoaster capital of Europe. This says it all. You will not find so many fast and modern roller coasters anywhere else in Europe. Looking for adrenaline? Then you are at the right place at Walibi Holland. For the children there are plenty of fun performances and attractions. A theme park not to be forgotten easily!

Burgers Zoo


Your visit to Burgers Zoo takes you to the cheetahs and the lion family, which you can view from a wooden observation hut. Burgers Zoo has a long and successful tradition in housing lions. Burgers’ Ocean shows life in a coral reef in the Indo-Pacific Ocean, one of the most species-rich habitats on earth.

Speelgoedmuseum Deventer


The Toy Museum is a great experience for young and old! With 13,000 objects, the museum has the largest public toy collection in the Netherlands. Special dolls, beautiful doll houses, trains, various types of mechanical toys, optical toys, board games and games; the museum has it all!



A forest full of primates roaming freely, that’s what Apenheul Primate Park is all about! In this beautiful, green zoo, more than half of the primates roam freely among the visitors. Apenheul is situated in the Veluwe on the edge of Apeldoorn. Set in natural surroundings, the park is less than an hour's drive from our campsite.

Bakery- and Icemuseum


The Bakery and Ice Museum is a collection of Gerrit Valk, who died in 1985, and was realized by a foundation founded in 1986.
In the museum you will find an impressive collection of tools, objects and machines from past bakeries and from the beginning of ice making on almost 1000 m2.

There is an explanation for the individual visitor through an audio system.
(the audio tour is also available in English.)

Anton Pieck museum


The Anton Pieck Museum is housed in an attractive and historic housing. Pieck himself helped to design the courtyard, the facade and the interior of his museum. His characteristic "fairy-tale-like" style is clearly reflected in the design of the museum. The permanent collection is supplemented by constantly changing exhibitions.