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Parking and electric charging

Parking and electric charging

Before you come to enjoy your holidays at Krieghuusbelten, you of course want to know how you can park your car and potentially charge your electric vehicle. On this page, we will gladly show you which parking facilities are available at our park so you’ll be well informed of where you can take your car!

Parking at family holiday resort Krieghuusbelten

There is plenty of space to park your car at our park. When booking an accommodation, one parking spot next to the accommodation is included. For camping spots, you will need to reserve a parking spot at a small fee. The gate will open based on license plate recognition. So, if you have made a reservation for an accommodation or parking spot, you can tell us your license plate in advance so the gate will automatically open upon your arrival! Aside from the parking spots next to each accommodation, it is also possible to leave your car at our central parking lot. If you arrive with two cars, you’re able to park one of the cars next to your accommodation and leave the other one at the central parking lot.

The security gate is closed between 22:30 and 07:30, so make sure to keep this in mind in case you come home late in the evening or if you want to leave early in the morning!

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Charging your electric car

At our park, it is possible to charge your electric car so you’ll never have to suffer from an empty battery! The charging stations at our holiday park are situated at the central parking lot near the pond, at the other end of our park. We kindly ask everyone who uses our charging stations to please make room once your car has been fully charged.

This way, we can ensure that everyone will be able to have a charged battery during their holidays. Charging your electric vehicles next to a camping spot is not allowed.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any specific questions about parking your car or charging your electric vehicle that haven’t been answered on this page, then feel free to contact us directly. You can reach us by e-mail via 0572-371575 or by sending an email to

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