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Interactive Playfield

Active outdoor playfield with the coolest technology

Do you want your children to play outside so that they get enough exercise and can easily make friends? Our special interactive playing field ensures endless fun in the great outdoors! When the weather is nice, this colorful playing field is often played for hours with all possible interactive games. Moreover, the interactive playing field is right next to the other playing fields. So there are always plenty of other players to meet!

The interactive posts on this modern playing field are designed to respond to actions such as swiping and tapping, just like a tablet. In addition, they also provide light and sound as a form of game instructions. The playing field comes to life and tells the kids what to do!

Interactief speelveld pannaveld

Interactief spel

Discover and create all kinds of games 

One of our interactive games is Memo, developed by innovative toy company Yalp. With this special outdoor play system, children can play memory, but also all sorts of other games. For example, a quiz full of mathematics can be played or questions can be answered that were developed in cooperation with the science magazine Quest.

The interactive games challenge the children to think and run along the indicated routes. In this way they learn to count and work together in a playful way, and all that while they enjoy being outside! Thanks to the open game rules, they can also make up their own rules for endless variety and stimulation of their imagination. They are never finished learning or playing on this playing field!

Looking for even more fun? There are countless play facilities at our park, such as an indoor playground, miniature golf course, bouncy castle, ziplines, football fields and much more!

Ontdek alle speelvoorzieningen

Endless, modern fun at Krieghuusbelten!

Spelen in Speelbos

Hiking and play forest 

  • Historic sand pits
  • Rest and nature
  • Various playground equipment

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Indoor and outdoor pool

  • With retractable roof 
  • Large water slide of up to 50 meters
  • Includes toddler pool

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Hamburger eten

Cozy familz restaurant 

  • Including snack bar for fries and snacks 
  • Tasty daily menus
  • Very affordable prices

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