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Safarilodge deluxe 6 personen

The Safari Lodge is completely made of wood and fully equipped for 5 persons. To completely relax, the covered terrace is equipped with a lounge set. There is a playground  in the area of the safari lodge so the children will not be bored.

The spacious living room / kitchen is equipped with a flat screen TV, dining table and sofa. The safari lodge has a fully equipped kitchen, (hot) water, electricity, toilet and a gas heater. In front of the Safari Lodge there is a large picnic table.

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Inventarislijst Safarilodge Deluxe

1 Afdruiprek
1 Afwasbak
1 Brood/fruit mand
1 Citruspers
1 Dienblad
1 Koektrommel
1 Maatkan
1 Magnetron
6 Onderzetters
6 Placemats
1 Senseo of 1 dolce gusto
2 Snijplank
1 Theepot
1 Vergiet
1 Vleeswarendoos 3 dlg.
3 Voorraadbussen
1 Waterkoker

6 Bord ontbijt/dessert
6 Bord plat
6 Eierdop
2 Kinderbord diep
2 Kinderbord plat
2 Kinder soepkom
6 Soepkom

1 Braadpan
1 Koekepan 24cm
1 Koekepan 28 cm
4 Pannenonderzetters
1 Pannenset 4 dlg.
1 Soeppan

1 Blusdeken
1 Brandblusser
6 Eénpersoons dekbedden
1 Droogrek
1 Kamerbezem
1 Stoffer en blik

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