Luxe verhuurtent

Our rental tents are standing comfort pitches and have a view at a playground. This way you can enjoy your children playing from your own place. The rental tents are fully equipped for five persons and of course with all conveniences for an optimal holiday feeling.

The rental tents are equipped with a garden set for inside and outside. Outside under your own pavilion there is a picnic table where you can sit and relax. In the rental tents there is a refrigerator where you can keep your products cool.

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Accommodatie Luxe Verhuurtent

Luxe verhuurtent

Icon-Aantal personen-klein.png 5 persoons

Icon-Kraan-klein.png Stromend water

Icon-Slaapkamer-klein.png 3 Slaapcabines

Icon-Zandbak-Klein.png Speeltuinzicht        

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Inventarislijst Luxe Verhuurtent

1 Afdruiprek
1 Afwasbak
1 Brood/fruit mand
1 Citruspers
1 Dienblad
1 Koektrommel
1 Maatkan
6 Onderzetters
6 Placemats
1 Senseo
2 Snijplank
1 Theepot
1 Vergiet
1 Vleeswarendoos 3 dlg.
3 Voorraadbussen
1 Waterkoker

6 Bord ontbijt/dessert
6 Bord plat
6 Eierdop
2 Kinderbord diep
2 Kinderbord plat
2 Kinder soepkom
6 Soepkom

1 Braadpan
1 Koekepan 24cm
1 Koekepan 28 cm
4 Pannenonderzetters
1 Pannenset 4 dlg.
1 Soeppan

1 Blusdeken
1 Brandblusser
6 Eénpersoons dekbedden
1 Droogrek
1 Kamerbezem
1 Stoffer en blik

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